1. The US needs to get right on the crypto clarity issue. Iran, Venezuela, China, Russia and others probably, are gearing up to bypass US sanction and dump the US dollar. They will select one or start their own crypto currency to do this. If they do, do you think they will select XRP, I think not. If Ripple were to go alone with the plan they would be braking the US law that forbids any company who deals with Iran or others targeted by the US justice department. The XRP adoption requires doors to open sooner rather than later.

  2. all these little countries are so much more nimble with policy change. that, in combination with ripple, will mean that someone’s mortgage will be with a bank in andorra, their car loan will be with a bank in bermuda, and their credit card will be with a bank in iceland. we will be free to go where the rates are cheapest.

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