1. Your hard work on this is paying off for alot of people. I personally am a metals guy and am NOT at all educated on this, so as Jim Rogers says. Never invest in what you don’t understand, so to Bix’s defence. You are responsible for what you do!!!

  2. Bix, the military would not risk injury to civilians with practice. We have practice areas. That was real. It’s not easy to helicopter flying in between buildings, ravines. Air circulation is way different when walls are involved.

  3. Lode.One just came out with a few different choices regarding wallets and using the exchange for storage IS one choice. I prefer the deep freeze offline method where I hold MY cryptos. Of course I listen to Bix once and awhile and he’s saying the same thing. DON’T trust and use the exchanges to store your cryptos anymore then you’d trust the bank to hold your silver.

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