1. Nice one Brad! Firstly I get the impression unlike some that Ripples modus operandi is definitely not to solve US liquidity as a priority with other countries catching on. We have seen other countries all ready ahead of the game which will force the lagging US hand (because of regulatory complexity in US). I’m putting my money on a global plan from the outset! Although David Swartz suggest a retail eco system was necessary to give validity to the bigger project, again I have a feeling this was well thought through and retail arm was also a considered world need not just a spring board. Banking the unbanked and helping far off struggling and exploited micro businesses and individuals appears quite a major part of this decentralised project. XRP has been released substantially unto retail markets with similar amounts still in escrow, which indicates to me a long game plan with specific market splits in mind. My guess Is that the escrow release and return protocol indicates liquidation if partnerships otherwise why would ripple return to escrow as opposed filling their own bags? It seems that it’s a safe way to cater for an eco system where growth and demand cannot be guaranteed?! Hence their project max requirement for liquidity was 1 billion per month with the return to escrow protocol to cater for delays and unpredictable growth / uptake. Retail wise XRP was required to get the coin up with the leaders but also it gives smaller players (outside major institutions) the opportunity to get ahead. This all forcing the hands of big big boys to take action?
    Thanks for your ongoing effort and love to both you and Mrs Backup 👍✌❣✌👍

  2. Morning Mister Brad, thanks for the …. short 😉 and informative video. Nice to see you continue to do this alongside the live-streams. Have a good weekend.👋

  3. You have one of the very few channels that can offer speculative insight into XRP with a clear explanation for us. This vid, in particular, was very interesting and thought provoking. It makes sense that the US Government is taking its time with XRP re the futures market. Question: if Trump and the Congress do away with the FED, who would manage the currency? The Treasury Dep’t? I have a hard time grasping the concept of XRP becoming a replacement currency due to the tremendous volatility in the price. Perhaps the official currency would be a gold-backed crypto or even silver.

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