1. Again guys, stating those hashrate’s were all at STOCK Bios. If you were to bios mod I’m sure it will be a lot better but who knows.

  2. He should do more on cnv4 …my rx470 nitro+ has 900h/s srb miner…He should experiment with 112 intenzity in srb miner . Allso my rx470 nitro+ 4gb has 29mh Eth claymore 12 ( 1100-2100mhz samsung) I hope that he will update you with moded bios and tweaked miner results.

  3. They must be out of their minds that expect $400 for rx570 chipset. If they where using rtx590 and ddr6 then it would be priced Wright.

  4. Yup, 1891 h/s with cn/r algo. I am mining monero but i do it for fun, i just let it digging 1-2 hours a day ( i got a HD 7950 3GB ). Even in 2019 at this kind of performance, we still cannot make a profitable mining condition ? No, not even close, in fact, IF MONERO WHOULD BE $200 ( 4 times the actual price ) and still we cannot make ROI in less than 6 months !!! They put the prices like that intentionately so that poor it remains poor and rich is getting richer because they steal and rub and no honest business u’re EVER gonna see between rich and the poor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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