1. Bix and Mannarino are steering the flock to disaster. The system is dieing folks. Commodities IN HAND are your only avenue.

  2. Remember, I WILL never pay a fucking dime in tax on crypto…my fiat was taxed to get it in the first place to even buy the crypto, so they can suck my sack if they think I’ll ever give them one red cent. In fact I have only one bank account, all my fiat is in crypto…fck them! I have no property for them to take, and I’m not on social media anywhere, and I live in Mexico..so f the USA tax man. I pay me rent with crypto and use dent for my phone.

  3. LiteCoin Lisa is donating to a cancer research charity? Better inform her that those places are probably not actually trying to cure cancer. The medical industry wants revenue from patients, they don’t want cures, cures are suppressed. Even if the researchers themselves want to and even succeed in finding cures, the higher ups will make sure it won’t see the light of day.

  4. Bix, I am noticing more and more comments from you about being kicked off of Youtube. Be careful you don’t make it a self fulfilling prophecy. If you are being monitored ‘THEY” might just say…’this guy expects to be kicked off, let’s kick him off’. Just saying…. Cheers!

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