1. UHD Gaming PC We have to be patient. This is a totally new and very technologically confusing asset class that traditional financial markets have to be given time to understand. It took several thousands of years for mankind to transition from sea shells to gold and several hundreds of years to transition from gold to fiat and decades to transition from fiat to debit/credit cards. Now its Digital Assets turn and it was just introduced roughly 9 years ago with Bitcoin. MHO… XRP is a coin designed for banking institutions and not for the regular retail investors. Whoever filled their bags was able to eat at the elites table and got away with it. Just have patience, the time will come and whoever is a bag holder right now will look back and smile.

  2. hey bud i hawe an idea to organize a ripple revolution day if we all in the ripple community agree on date and time to purchase xrp all at once on exchanges around the world it would do wonders to the price

  3. I think EVERYTHING that Ripple are doing is strategic. . They’re investing in Ripple’s and XRP’s future indirectly. They don’t have time for games!!!!!!

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