1. Im new too investing but ive been hearing good things about xrp should i buy now??? im thinking about putting $100 dollars in every check

  2. People i know ripple is a good project, but its not a project for the people its for the banks , it will hold the old structure in place. Take a good indept look at DGB digibyte and what it has done , this is the treu first largest and fastest most secure blockchain that will rule the world and is there for the people , 19th of april there is Digibyte summit that will make many institutions more aware of what DGB really is. It will be mind blowing for them and many other people that did not yet researched DGB , the marketing of DGB was very low last years because they where not done yet completed there project, but know they are ready and are firstly going to introduce digi-assets that will get huge attention and huge influx of money will get in to DGB very soon. Don’t miss out on this, do your research, DGB is very very BIGG,it will leave ripple in the dust in about 2 years.

  3. So much hate in the comments. You should take a moment and consider how fortunate you all are to be alive. People are getting slayed around the world over nothing. We live in a world now where crazed gunmen take the lives of innocent people and stream that live to the world for kicks. Forget all this bullshit and show some compassion to your fellow humans. We need more love not more lambos ffs.

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