Cryptocurrency Market Update Apr 14th 2019 – Battle Of The Elites

Cryptocurrency Market Update Apr 14th 2019 –


  1. Trillions go to the Secret Space Program. People will likely be understandably upset when the masses are informed. Dont worry though, “its all to keep you safe”.

  2. Of course thete is.a relationship between Ecuador giving up Assange and the loan they got..Bloody obvious. Clintons greedy blah blah.. However, this YouTube channel is hypocritical , every time saying , thiese are the profits (my wealthier ) Premium members have made because I got them into these projects., whereas you told your loyal Youtube subscribers sweet FA. ( you tell them the opportunity they have missed) You want a fairer system for “the people”? Get off your high horse, mate.

  3. Next ŁTC Block reward halving due Summer 2019. Last 2015 halving saw ŁTC up 5X – some money then moved to Bitcoin which rose 40 per cent. Bitcoin halving follows 2020!

    ŁTC K/POP, UFC, Glory kickboxing partnerships and state sanctioned remittances to Venezuala for Bitcoin and Łitecoin should help ‘cement in’ price action!

  4. Interesting that people go to jail for unpaid fines, but Banks steal from 100’s of thousands, pay a tokenistic fine (comparatively) to the theft. People pose their homes, farmers suicide, but the bankers roll on & executives get obscene bonuses.

  5. You know DLive censored Alex Jones already? I don’t like him much but WTF – that isn’t decentralized.
    Sorry DLive.. Not cool

  6. Thank you for the contest. I did enter, but with many of the extra entry opportunities, Gleam requests access that I am not comfortable with such as Update my profile and post on my behalf. Just a bit too intrusive for my liking. Cheers on meeting Vitalik!

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