1. Honestly, there is something very odd with XRP. I open exchange account and I see less and less BTC value each day. BTC rallied 25% my XRP holding rallied 2%. IF BTC dumps from here I see XRP going deep into 20s cents. Why all the Chinese chains rally and XRP is in decline. uhhh

  2. Here I am again on your 2019 and telling you all again and again – BCH is a beast that will unleash soon in the near future. BCH will surpassed the market capitals of XRP and ETH and taking the 2nd rank and will be in every news. How many times do i need to tell you all. Whew!

  3. At last I waited until public ICO Telegram. Many people say that this token will get to a top 3 cryptocurrency rating. I managed to buy 3000 tokens infotelegram.info/coins

  4. I double and tripled down thanks to all the help from the community! Only problem is, I can’t bring myself to sell any until it’s at least $5. 😉

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