1. Could this ETF get passed. That one Redit time traveler said BTC 16k October 2019. We will see! Let’s hope it passes! 🤞

  2. Too many people think they can buy a bit of btc, sit back and get rich. I can’t see fate playing out like that, and so far many have lost more than they have gained with the sideway movement and unpredictable nature of the digital asset. This makes it a risky market but that risk is eliminated with the right setup. I easily found out that the goldmine hidden in bitcoin would not be exploited by buying and holding but by trading daily. I went fully into trading when I was introduced to Barry Goddard’s signal services and within 3 weeks of trading with his assistance, I had increased my portfolio by over 5 btc’s. His system though very sophisticated and accurate is very easy to use and also serves as a medium to learn how to trade independently. Barry can be reached if his services is needed by telegram/whatsapp *@barrygoddard* *+44 7723 543783* and I am sure it would be well worth it

  3. Going to miss your live session a lot during this week, for i’m in Hawaii. Gotta take a break from Bitcoin indicators and crypto news haha

  4. I was raised a practical business person who is always taking advantage of now to build a better life for myself. I have seen and experienced most market trend and I can say with confidence, it’s financially smart to start and/or keep accumulating more bitcoins because of the possibilities in the short term that’s clearly more profitable as a trader. Being a trader gives you a very good leverage to profit and I trade daily using Rodney Howard’s signals and his accuracy and efficiency is unmatched and thus making him the best signal provider I have used. I trade daily and hold a certain percent of my profit while investing the rest into my real estate business. Howard is a true resource in the space today and can be reached on  *Whatsapp: + 447481353238* and *Telegram @ Rodney07* both for his insight and signals

    • I’m still regretting why I didn’t contact this man when Bitcoin was around $ 4000, but Its all good, I made a lot of profits more than $ 20,000 after a month of contacting him, He’s the Best at what he does.

    • I was able to make 8Btc with 1.7btc in 2 weeks I recommend him to everyone, Tradings with strategy has bought me great success, I never see a strategy as consistent as his

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