1. Maneco64
    You can’t just say the economy will implode and leave it there. Provide some details so it is real to people who have never experienced it before. For instance American farmers must have a line of credit to buy seed, fertilizer, fuel and pesticide etc to plant and grow crops. If the economy has a crack up boom this line of credit will disappear and crops will not get planted. Only people who have already established fruit trees and gardens will eat for the several years it takes to introduce a new currency.
    Gold and silver will allow you to preserve your wealth through the period of turmoil so you can buy property at bargain prices but you will not be able to buy food reliably with gold and silver during the period when grocery stores are closed because the credit system has disappeared so they cannot restock their shelves.
    After the hurricane in Puerto Rico the hurricane damaged buildings and the power system, the corrupt government had so indebted the nation that they could not get this equipment repaired. People who had paper money could buy food and fuel but people who had gold jewelry had to find someone who had a surplus of cash to exchange their jewelry for cash and very low exchange rates.
    This would be similar to a crack up boom.

  2. Listening to you and so GRATEFUL I already have a good home on farmland with water, car, pm savings, food and growing more and a lot more with NO debt. Thank you Mario have a good day!

  3. Much has been made about China joining the COMEX futures trading in precious metals. It would be nice to hear your take, Maneco64.

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