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    • Obviously I understand the model, but don’t you think releasing out of date information is slightly deleterious for noobs? I mean, I know the disclaimer is ‘this isn’t financial advice’ but this can still confuse or send someone off in the wrong direction if this is information from… when, exactly?

    • I agree with Patrick. Usually outdated video uploads by RVF means a few months. Going in with this expectation, threw me of on how to place it within the current time frame and my own BTC price expectations. I get why this video is posted, but I would also be more careful. There are alot of uninitiated people that are going to view this the same way I did, but do not notice its actual air time. Because I don’t actually watch, I mostly listen and there in lays the confusion. Just adding a little audio fragment saying this is from 2017, at the start, would help immensely! Going to have a look at your offer because Id love to know the current take on BTC pricing.

    • My grandpa, 85 now, bought in 2011 and held this entire time while everyone in the family told him to sell. He is worth $20 million now. Too bad he is step grandpa or I might have some inheritance.

  2. I heard no one mention of the threat of govts shutting the whole thing down as it threatens national currencies. Most govts have come out aggressively against crypto.

    I believe most elites see this area as a direct threat to control.

    Simply look at what they did to Libra.

    Then look at tax authorities gearing up tax avoidance measures against people and groups that are avoiding tax.

    It is far more complex than a simple math equation

  3. I originally thought this was just published (didn’t see the original “air date”). As such I incorrectly thought Raoul was waffling on his bitcoin views. I have withdrawn my previous comment now that I have proper context. My apologies. This is a hard trade to stay in, so the confusion in Raoul’s take had me baffled. I get it now.

  4. Now that it is October 2019, it would be interesting for Mr Pal to bring back these analysts to talk about crypto “currencies” again. What went right, and what went wrong?

  5. haha all those big heads have no clue on how to evaluate cryptos, even Buffett compares bitcoin to a farm…money is the evaluation tool, you can’t evaluate it, you can only exchange it for another currency. so if the dollar turns into confetti due to monkeys jumping on the print button at the Fed you wll need truck loads of it to exchange it for scarce (real) money, weather it’s gold silver bitcoin or other cryptos that have sound supply policies. So the main driver for the bitcoin dollar pair is QE this QE that QE 4ever. In the middle ages usury already dried up the economy occasionally sending coins to the upper class. merchants would then create coupons to exchange goods and services. Cryptos are nothing but digital coupons, history repeats itself. But it’s a cycle because when decentralization occurs the ruling class redistributes wealth to regain control of the population.

  6. it is always fun to listen to the “experts, without a gram of technology understanding, explaining valuation of a complex technology at a top of a bubble.

  7. Raoul, In the crypto space, I think you might want to look into Hashgraph’s HBAR and possibly interview Mance. Time will tell if there is meaningful adoption, but from a technology and governance stand point, Hashgraph has them all beat.

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