Bitcoin Below $8,000! Will This Pattern CRASH Bitcoin?

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  1. Does anyone else think the pattern we’re in (descending wedge followed by bearish break and sideways movement) is similar to what bitcoin did in the last bear market where it fell from 20k to 4k? It looks like we’re in the “despair pit” right now and after a bit of sideways movement we might launch out like how bitcoin launched up to 5k.

  2. if we go down to 3k again doesn’t that mean we now have a bigger head a shoulders pattern? So would btc go to sub $1000 then?

  3. The head and shoulders looks clearer on the weekly chart. Let’s see what happens I’m ready for both scenarios.

  4. Either way it goes, I’m all in! I’m invested and I know what’s bearish today will be bullish tomorrow. A positive attitude keeps things on the upside. 😉

  5. Wait should I buy bitcoin before it goes down or will the head and shoulders pattern turn into a selsun blue shampoo wash out ?

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