1. 0:45 – How low are bears dragging Bitcoin?
    8:23 – Are institutional investors buying the dip?
    11:58 – Is Bitcoin still the driving force in the market?
    16:48 – Telegram delays TON’s launch amid regulatory issues
    20:08 – Telegram’s TON VS Facebook’s Libra

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  3. How can you speak on crypto and altcoins and NOT mention XRP? Joe actually mentioned Stellar! Unbelievable! Ripple and XRP has been on CNN, Fox business, more partnerships than all cryptocurrencies combined! Yet not a word about the third ranked crypto in the world…XRP

  4. Enjoyed this vid, in comparison to the biased crap we say each day from the crypto pool. Thank you guys for being realistic and precise ! Go Krown !! 👍 🙂

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