XRP Secret Project Revealed, Pepsi Coin, Locked Up Bitcoin & Euro Coin Is Coming

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  1. BG once states that “what makes XRP different from the rest is that they’re solely focused on solving ONE problem, liquidity issues and Cross-border payments”. That doesn’t hold truth anymore I guess?! Suddenly They’re now trying to do everything just like the rest. Smh

  2. I had a family emergency and had to cash out all of my xrp. 2.5yrs worth. I’m just about ready to buy back though.

  3. Regarding the CoinField news; I can see this being a boon for Ripple, since it owns & runs the XRP Ledger. CoinField will be using its coin on the ledger, I don’t see how this benefits the price of XRP.

    • Exactly my point. I still have difficulty in seeing what will get XRP to go up in value unless Ripplenet really takes over the financial world…
      That being said, I’m hodling 100’000 XRP. You never know what the sheeple might do to this coin…

  4. It’s all manipulated and will never move until it is allowed too. Or the manipulation is ceased. ETFs have their tentacles around the throat of cryptos. Check the volumes traded everyday of say ltc. it’s all bullshit.

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