1. Ahh……I do like the xmr project..ahhh…..ahhh…I mined it in the past…ahhh.ahhh……ahhhhh…..xmr does have true value…….ahh..ahhh…………………ahhhhh

  2. Jeff is such a loser and a low information guy! In a recent interview he said that TRUMP hasn’t done anything for this country. When I heard him said that I thought to myself; “are you even living on this planet??? I live in California and I speak to business owners everyday who almost had to close their doors during the Obama administration. They were barely hanging on and many did go under. Everyone of them tell me there business is GREAT now and their phones are ringing off the hook as well as mine. The wall is being built, ISIS has been crushed, Trump is getting us out of all these crazy wars, N Korea has calmed down, he’s got China in a recession while billions of those dollars are coming back into our country, for the first time we are energy independent, he lowered taxes for everyone across the board, he signed the HUMAN TRAFFICKING executive order and he negotiated some amazing trade deals with Canada and Mexico. I could go on for an hour by I need to get ready for my day. I hope Jeff reads this and does his homework before he speaks out against TRUMP ever again!!!

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