1. I can easily see Mid to Low $4000 BTC by Jan or sooner. I have cashed out my 75 BTC and will buy back in at that range early next year. I am a full time trader and the indicators do not lie nor history. I would advise all to do the same.!!!

  2. Although there is high speculations that the bitcoin will attain $10,000 this December. Well after a decent recovery, bitcoin price faced resistance near the $7,880 level against the US Dollar. The price is currently correcting gains and it is trading near the $7,300 support area.  As a trader, we would have to use this opportunity to accumulate as many coin we could with the best signal. This of course is a good time for me and its been going on for months now,  i can buy cheap and i can keep trading with Lovatt Norton’s daily signals which I have been using since the last bear market until now and with which have been make at least 4 btc in profit every month when i trade actively.  Norton’s daily signals are very accurate and always yields a great positive return on investment and is always available to give a helping hand *Whatspp: + 19497672504* and *Telgram @ Lnorton08* on how to trade profitably.

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