Get the world’s first ELITE cryptocurrency debit


  1. In 2009 the first Bitcoin units were mined on computers.
    10 years later the first Pi units are mined on phone.
    500K downloads, 7K reviews.
    Google Pi network
    Use code: simken

  2. Hey…
    Its notthing new…they said s#@t like this before…many times…
    And biside u really think that north korea needed him to discover How “to not pay”….?
    Come on……
    This are all exuses to come in the market….

  3. we’ve seen this movie before with Venezuela trying to avoid sanctions using blockchain and caused no ripple effect on crypto market.

  4. Have you been to north korea? Have you been to mexico? How do you know what is happening in north korea? You are actually brainwashed bro. I have been to mexico and I didnt see any mexican cartel trying to kill me. Not saying cartel doesnt exist. Just saying wake uo bro. Stop talking about countries being terrorist when you have not step foot into that country. The US considers all nations that dont agree with their policies terrorist. Wake up buddy.

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