• That’s TA…don’t be fooled by some YouTube videos stressing one side only. TA is about preparing for both bearish and bullish outcomes in the market and finding risk reward scenarios for both and where the market will move to for each. It’s not about crystal ball predictions. For example a bullish pattern might have a 70% chance of a bullish breakout with next resistance $700 above…a good trade on a high volume break w/ great risk reward. The same pattern may have support $200 below. Plus a bullish pattern doesn’t hit targets as well on a bearish breakout…not a good risk reward there to trade. Bottom line…you always analyze both scenarios

  1. you’re smarter than bots. how interesting that you always win on your trades. you need to tell us about your losing trades. big money bots admit only winning 38% of the time.

    • i was in his paid group and he lost most of his trades. it was a horrible month for everyone that followed his trades. during that time, in every video he talked about winning trades like he always does

    • lit I’ve been watching these youtubers for quite some time and have been warning people the best I could. Experienced traders that make money don’t go on YouTube asking for money. They post free trading lessons on YouTube. I learned a lot from them.

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