Bitcoin Monthly Suggests.. :( December 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. Thank you for your knowledge! Always look forward to your content. What are you’re thoughts on the 50 and 100 cross on the weekly chart?

    • Add PRIZM (PZM) cryptocurrency to the piggy bank. She has a very interesting technology and they pay coins for the balance in the wallet.

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  3. consider prizm (pzm)
    Unlike bitcoin, Prizm grow in your wallet in quantity 10-20% per month, because of
    paramining, that does not require equipment to mine new coins

  4. Re: BB. We are potentially bouncing on weekly and monthly. That’s powerful odds IMO,… Fuck me if it’s not sideways action. 2c

  5. At the moment there is no alternative to Prisms! Who understood, he understands how profitable it is to keep your money in prisms! This is not an investment project, it is the same wallet in the blockchain as bitcoin or Ethereum, only much more secure and has a lot of advantages from all other cryptocurrencies! Prizm is a truly decentralized cryptocurrency, and its holder is essentially a Central Bank, that is, a full-fledged owner of their money!

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