1. Bitcoin spring 🌼 2020 mining reward halving yet another day closer ….⏳

    Third win of the season for Litecoin partnered Miami Dolphins 37 – 31 against the Philadelphia Eagles πŸ¦… in the NFL on Sunday 🏈

    Next up for the Dolphins 🐬 is the New York Jets next Sunday.

  2. This Richard Heart guy gets too personal, I agree with Tone there is no way another shitcoin overtakes BTC. Richard got into bitcoin in 2017 check his videos on his channel, wtf does he know about cyrpto?! Atleast Tone is more credible in what he does.

  3. to be fair both make good comments. 100% agree that without BTC as a store of value all other cryptos would collapse (apart from perhaps ETH) .HEX seems like a good project though and is a no-brainer if you have BTC to free claim

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