Ripple/XRP Global Adoption Confirmed By 1/1/2020, Timeline Confirmed With Documented Evidence

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  1. My dog dropped a turd, it was shaped like XRP and after he peed it painted a price of 1.15 on the sidewalk.
    It’s a sign, I swear

  2. @Hits509, I take BB predictions with a grain of salt, and it does not bother me that any of his predictions had not yet materialized… I look at the big picture of XRP and the industry and definitely believe this will be the future… I look at XRP ecosystems and see the potential for exponential growth with this digital asset… If you go back to the 1980’s and early 90’s and look at the IT companies that were popping up and there stock prices did not grow for many years. But when they did, the people that had knowledge of the company and took the risk made fortunes… The crypto currency is a new asset class, and that in itself should tell you big things are in store in the coming years… BB and others are doing a great service to this new asset class in promoting it to whomever listens to them. The BB definitely is passionate about XRP and believes the future with the crypto will be life changing or better financially rewarding for the ones that stay the course and take the risk… Good luck!

  3. To your point, if the POTUS is to make a move to restructure the FED he will need to do it prior to the Nov. 2020 election.
    He will want the momentum of any success to help him win re-election. It should be an interesting 6 months to see if anything historic happens regarding digital assets.

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