Ripple XRP: Australian Exchange Go’s Live with On Demand Liquidity for Customer Deposits

James Malpass: Hanging out with Sam I Am Discussing Crypto

Jungle Inc Coil Blog: Ripple Escrow: 1 Billion XRP A Month!!!

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  1. Jungle,

    I love your channel and content. I wanted to ask, can You keep on making videos under or close to 10mins?
    I recently unfollowed DAI because he started going with 18min+ videos and that’s way too much. Keep it short and sweet.

    Thanks man and have a blessed one. HODL strong

  2. Perhaps at this rate we will see in five years perhaps $1 XRP…Jungle inc… how do you know for sure that one day xrp will go through the roof …This year in April, I think BTC was around 5700 and XRP was .35c now BTC is at 7300 and XRP is at .22….It is real bs that while all the world is turning on ODL xrapid and all the infrasturcture you seem to be blabbing on about is getting bigger and better and yet the price of xrp has not broken away from BTC , and , it always seems to be suppressed even diminishing in price? So what the hell is really going on here. Is it a simple case of where the price is simply acting as a stable coin while ripple make an absolute fortune selling their technology.? or is it something more sinister? Like the fact that the circulating supply is not even half way yet…only $43billion compared to a total of $100 billion. And yet BRAD and Co. are allowed to release or keep the 56 billion xrp or so in escrow and to their liking. So judging by this equation we would have to wait for another 56 months to see some real price action i.e. another four and a half years + before supply and demand equations catch up !!!

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