Bitcoin Is at GOOD position | $250,000 BItcoin’s Price Prediction Is Now Too Low ( Tim Draper)

Bitcoin has been fluctuating sideways for quite sometime, It seems to be boring. IN this video I will explain why this consolidations maybe good for bitcoin and we will take a look at Tim Draper bitcoin’s $250k price prediction.

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➤Why you Should NOT day Trade:
➤Ray Dalio Bets Against The Market:
➤Ray Dalio: The system is broken:…
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  1. if you had told me that you wrote a latter to Santa to make bitcoin 250k for Christmas, i would say ok, it’s a good video. but you have to be desperate as hell to believe that guy.

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  3. I think by the time 250000K comes around I won t care about the dollar because ,first the dollar will be worth less and 1 Bitcoin will still be 1 Bitcoin…secondly on-off ramps will be such that I can purchase in Bitcoin and the app we will use by then will automatically convert to whatever currency the merchant /recipient needs. Bitcoin IS “The Peaceful Revolution”!!!!

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    Ilir Gashi
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