Ripple XRP to Crush 2019 Targets, Gaming & Xpring launch Event, Brad Garlinghouse Bank Mantra

Forte leverages the Interledger Protocol (ILP), our open source protocol for conducting transactions across different blockchains. In combination with ILP, the company utilizes the digital asset XRP to maximize cross-chain interoperability, security and inter-asset liquidity.

MacDonalds Commercial

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  1. The BIS also appointed Benoît Cœuré as Head of the new BIS Innovation Hub, set up to foster international collaboration among central banks on innovative financial technology.

  2. Thank you Crypto Eri for your updates from Japan. I think you are one of the more important news information channels out there. 👍

  3. If was different for me I found litecoin first then started doing research and found bitcoin cash. But the more research the more thing came back to xrp and VeChain

  4. Ready Player Eri 😄
    Wow how will you top this one? Very exciting possibilities, blockchains, sidechains, onchains, etc. And all gaming’s inter-connectivities and getting paid in digital for playing, watching and sharing… all thanks to Ripple/XRP… 🤙😁👌🥰

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