1. Seriously , this was a presentation in December 2018? The speculative bubbler writing was on the wall at that point. This presentation is only about claiming that FIAT currency will fail. Bitcoin and token have all failed to replace FIAT currency. They are more likely to fail than FIAT currency at this point. Blockchain is here to stay but I would theorise that it will be buried underneath your typical service. Bitcoin is pathetically slow, transactions fees can be ridiculous and my money could have halved or doubled tomorrow. At this point bitcoin is only useful to speculate. Buy some and forget about them (not your private key though). 20 years later, you will either be rich, or not care at the fact that it failed.

    • Probably a couple of decades ago. Bitcoin transactions average around 10 seconds and can take much longer for low value transactions – if they ever get processed at all. This is due to the variable transaction fee that can be charged by the miners. They choose the high dollar transactions first because the payer in such transactions is willing to pay a higher fee.

      And, at least Bitcoin, awards the successful miner with bitcoins as partial payment. This is automatic reduction in the value of the bitcoins as there are more bitcoins put into circulation without any reserves added to maintain the base value.

      Yes, Bitcoins are more volatile than the precious metals and there is nothing to guarantee that they could someday become absolutely worthless.

  2. That magazine was issued in 1988 and owned by the Rothschild, the magazine was prophetic as it said 2018 cryptocurrency would be available

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  5. Watching this on Dec 29, 2019. Crypto is still just monopoly money combined with Dungeons & Dragons. Until parents can give their kids crpyto to buy a slice of pizza it will remain a nice idea. It should be pushed as a way to make small physical payments to get the ball rolling. When the pizza shop owner has 30 k in crypto and can then buy a car with it, we’ll get to a point of increasing normalization, adoption and widespread usage.

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