Crypto Bites: Chat with Zooko Wilcox, the creator of Zcash

This episode of Crypto Bites features Abra founder and CEO Bill Barhydt in conversation with the creator and CEO of Zcash, Zooko Wilcox.

The conversation focuses on privacy both on the internet and in crypto more specifically.

At one point the conversation turns to crypto in Venezuela and a crypto donation project. More info about that project can be found at

Read the full post about this episode on the Abra blog:


  1. interesting. just a naïve question: why Zcash  lost 99%  of its initial value over the last two years ?

  2. Can’t be more sorry for ever touching this shitcoin it’s the most volatile coin on the plannet knows only one way – down

    • @Paul.J they pouring 400K worth of this pos every day and don’t care about investors don’t ever think to invest it

    • @James Ball the whol market rose 35% the past 2 months or so look at eos eth litecoin bitcoin keep going? and many others while this shitcoin keeps slamming on the bottom

  3. Zcash is a disaster – it has trusted set up (nobody can know how many coins out there), you need to trust Zooko character (just like bankers). It also has a tax on miners that goes to zooko’s company – it smells like a security. It’s anti crypto ethos. VCs are shilling this pseudo coin in order to gain profits (and using dirty tactics against their competitors).

  4. I’d love to see what you guys think about David Chaum’s project Elixxir. It would be a great conversation with Bill.

  5. Think about it when Amzon starts accepting zcash, it will make more sense to pay with shielded address, here is when the privacy will work perfect

  6. Great interviews great questions but stop saying “yep” all the time.
    We get it. You get it.
    Can we just listen to the guy talk?

  7. Its sad that Zooko spends so much energy on finding a way to people in VZ to get his Zcash as opposed to petitioning the Orange Minkey and Congress to lift the economic sanctions that are responsible for the economic problems in VZ.

  8. Love zcash and what they are trying to do, especially the potential for true privacy (if that’s even attainable).

    Regarding the use of crypto as a payment, Dash is doing great work in Venezuela, both on Android, with “low-cost” mobile phones (Kripto Mobile) and also on non- smartphones, through “Dash Text” which allows for spending Dash on a regular cell phone.

    Crypto is such a great fit for people in those really unfortunate circumstances and any crypto currency project that can help people in the direction of a free life is a blessing 🙏

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