Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: What to Expect Next

It has been a wild ride for a cryptocurrency market that may not yet have hit bottom, scalding countless individuals and some big name investors. Yet blockchain—the technology upon which most cryptocurrencies are built—gained a strategic foothold in 2018 as an investment of the future for many blue-chip companies. How will crypto markets and their related technologies fare in the year ahead? Can blockchain companies with differentiated business models separate themselves from the pack? Is Bitcoin too slow to compete with the next wave of crypto competitors (such as stablecoins), or will it, as predicted by some name-brand investors, soar to new heights in the years ahead?

Staci Warden
Executive Director, Global Market Development, Milken Institute

Eva Kaili
Member of the European Parliament, Panhellenic Socialist Movement

Mike Novogratz
CEO and Founder, Galaxy Digital

Charles Noyes
Partner, Paradigm

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  1. 48:40 maybe they are referring to Layer 3 solution of any blockchain that is still being developed. It includes account identity profiling and KYY AML compliance requirement enabled in the system to enter the blockchain economy unless you are terrorists that don’t want to be traced.

  2. 11:23 Regulation won’t save idiots from themselves. The sooner people see this the better we can understand that the “help” regulation can provide are simple free market forces.

  3. They guy who sold everything to buy bitcoin chosed to live in a van with his family!!!! and didnt become homeless because of the decresing value of the coin.

  4. Some argue intrinsic value is the cost to mine one Bitcoin (electricity cost being a big part of that). This is why the halvening doubles the BTC price.

  5. long story short, it could go up 100x, it could go down 95%, one thing for sure, nothing is sure.

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