The Future of Litecoin | Interview With Charlie Lee

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee spoke to us about the imminent Litecoin halving and the effects it will have on the fifth largest cryptocurrency. He also explained why fungibility and privacy are the main challenges ahead for both BTC and LTC, and how Litecoin is planning to address them.

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  1. If you want to see the truth and not ad gimmicks on LTC go to my utube channel JohnRusso007. I am being accused of trying to lower LTCs price so I can get in cheap. Lol Yet they can’t dispute the math or the legal docs I present.

  2. The most honest and credible figure in the Crypto community, keep up the good work Charlie, your’re more liked in this space than you realize….

  3. he says altcoins were created to make the creators rich, lol. how about you charlie? didn’t you sell at all time highs $400 LTC? seems like you did the same buddy

  4. What is the software and hardware requirements for running litecoin fullnode on mainnet and test mode?

  5. Just discovering this coin. It seems wonderful & very promising. Looking at the charts I can see that LTC is now at POMO (Point Of Maximum Opportunity)

  6. Charlie is a scum bag — sold his litecoin at the top and hasn’t done shit since. Don’t fall for this dork and his LIES!!! Get out of light coin!!!!

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