Why ZCash Prices Are Falling

Any of these cryptos that have a centralized development staff can end up with extra sell pressure during a bear market because they are still trying to pay employees a set amount / hour but with the price of the crypto falling they end up having to sell more and more of it to meet that criteria. It can be a double edge sword for the project and the investors. ZCash has a low supply which will bid well for it in the next boom in my opinion but there has been a lot of pressure on it during this crypto winter.


    • I will have to search around to see if I see anything about it. That would be a first I believe for them. Mainly they have focused on adding more offerings leading into the next surge.

    • 1. There have been so many false rumours about CB, who knows.

      2. They listed it for a very good reason. They thought very long and hard and this was their choice. Not Monero or other privacy coins. What does that tell you? Some may interpret that as zcash being the best choice. If so, there is at least some possiblity that it will continue being a leader in the private coin space. That space may one day be very, VERY large. Sure, it’s a long shot, but right now you can get ¼ zcash for an hour’s wage! Seems unwise to hold absolutely none, especially given CB’s confidence

    • I believe so! The content creation can be taxing sometimes when viewership is low but when the next surge comes I should be able to make up a lot of ground at that point.

  1. There was a time when anonymous coins were all the rage, but now under intense scrutiny, they could be dying out.

  2. When people are fearful of privacy coins failing in the long run, that tells me it’s a very good buying opportunity for the long run. Investors thinking short term for the sake of profits are being flushed out, where as smart money is accumulating Zcash and mining it. It forked only 2 years ago back in late 2016. Markets move in cycles that show the human and emotional side to trading. We are clearly in the stage where everyone is doubting Zcash, after a solid first bull market throughout 2017. The volumes we just witnessed in 2019 when it topped out at $124 are roughly 1.5 times higher than they were back in late 2017 when Zcash topped out around $680… Zcash is here to stay folks whether people want to believe it or not. Follow the volume and think 10-30 years out. This is a marathon not a sprint.

    • The price has really taken a brutal beating. I kept buying and ended up with a way fatter stack than I figured I would initially. The circulating supply is relatively low and it has exchange support . We will see what happens the next couple of years. I’m not upset about my holdings there but it hasn’t performed as well as LTC, BTC, or ETH for me.

    • @Brian Phobos But Zcash they pay 20% of every block to the founders who just dump on you. Probably why the price sucks! lol

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