Yesterday, Bitcoin broke above several key resistance levels that typically knock an asset back if it is just “retracing” the previous fall. For example, when an asset falls by a certain amount, it typically doesn’t go to its bottom in a straight line. There will be bounces on the way down to the final target. Usually, these bounces are measurable. And they will retrace 50% of the fall, 61.8% of the fall, 70.2% of the fall, or 78.6% of the fall, then turn on themselves and continue crashing.

Yesterday, Bitcoin broke above all of these key retracement levels and even got above the 78.6% retracement. This indicates Bitcoin is doing MORE THAN A RETRACE and is likely BULLISH. This is great for the rest of the altcoin market as well!

XRP is battling against the 200-day moving average right now, and it is critical that we break above this level now in order for us to consider XRP to be bullish.

Also, the monthly candle lose will be happening today. If the candles closed the way they are right now, it would be incredibly bullish for the cryptocurrency market. All eyes are on how this market will finish the month off.

In this video we analyze the Bitcoin chart, XRP chart, Altcoin market cap chart, and the XRP market cap chart.

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  1. Had no idea..I’m boggled just to think some XRP holders sold at $0.15 for a lower price..Incredible!!!🤯

  2. lets not kid ourselves here. it will do as bitcoin does. what is good for bitcoin is good for crypto

  3. what you fail to realize BB is that crypto and bitcoin recouped out of the blackswan even all on its own without the help of the fed and government intervention. That in itself should be held in high regards and give bitcoin and crypto far more prestige than the stock market. Legitimacy is here for the cryptosphere. Those who don’t want to jump in will be kicking themselves for not doing so

  4. Blockchain Backer : with your great TA and huge follower, if XRP price didn’t go up we can help it to move by promoting, sharing by your follower. ‘ It take 5million to own 20,000 XRP to complete taking it out.

  5. and yet xrp dump… the people who negative about it is right.. and ur the wrong one , get over your self

  6. curious as to why you blocked my twitter account. @smartmindbodysoul ive been nothing but supportive to your channel. in fact i shared your videos this morning. i haven’t said or done anything to my knowlege. if so i apologize. i understand if its a non issue for you. i just enjoy your content.

  7. How could you sell XRP at the bottom! Unless you a rookie and don’t know XRP is the illuminati and cant lose in the long run, the real run.

  8. I’m watching XRP closely. Worth keeping your eyes on Algorand – given that they are one of the few projects managing to secure high level partnerships, especially as of lately. Idex, Tether and recently Propy are all taking their business to Algorand. It’s projects like Ripple, Ethereum, VeChain, Algorand and many more that are working with big players – helping them get into the space. R3 and Hyperledger are leading the way, but catering to Private blockchain – which at this point we don’t really need

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