**MAY IS ABOUT TO BE EXPLOSIVE FOR RIPPLE/XRP** The Battle For Financial Supremacy Is About To Begin

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-Crypto Reserve Currecy
-eSDR Infrastructure by Christine Lagarde
-Disaster Clause
-US Phase 1 Trade Deal

*I am not a financial adviser & this is not financial advice


    • He’s right it will surge till June then dip till October, then over the moon. All the signs are pointing to this!

  1. As I keep hearing the plan to return to a gold standard to replace the failing US Dollar, I think about all of the gold buyers that sprouted up over the last 3-5 years, almost like they knew what was going to happen.

  2. I live in Huntington Beach CA – we are the last conservative county in california, so Gavin Newsom hates us. We are essentially being targeted by him now. He has shut us down and only us? He just closed our beaches? The only beaches in california that are close are ours. We just voted, and we will be filing suit against Gavin Newsom tomorrow.

    • Christopher Michael There are a lot of beaches other than just in OC that are closed… I agree though Newsom is a complete twat and his party destroys everything it touches

  3. “Wait…watch…and learn! You are about to see the wrath of XRP before your very own eyes!” 😍🙌

  4. Where’s a good exchange to purchase for Canadians. I’m running across limits…like coinbase limits $200 purchase per week and coinsquare limits $10000. ???

  5. Great content as usual. Is there anyone on here that wants to do the CoinBase earn? I just got off the waitlist and earned 32 dollars in coins and I have a referral link now. If anyone wants to give it a shot we can help each other out. 👍🏻

  6. April was supposed to be the end of the dollar too. Then after it doesn’t happen again in May, it will happen in June, then July, then August rinse and repeat. Trust me I don’t believe everything the government says. I don’t think 9/11 happened the way they portrayed it. I don’t believe much of anything they say about coronavirus after being wrong about everything throughout this whole “plandemic”. Honestly, I watched some of your videos about XRP and I was curious so I asked my financial advisor about it. He basically laughed at me and told me to stop watching so much YouTube. He said if the money mangers that he works with that went to Yale and Harvard and manage money all day everyday for their whole lives thought that XRP was the way to go then that’s what they would be advising. But he said they’re not advising XRP. He said the dollar isn’t going anywhere.

    • Of course the advisors are going to say that because they are not allowed to tell you anything about un-regulated assets. Mine said the same thing with a wink.


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