50 Million XRP moved to an anonymous wallet, Buy Ripple Shares, Ripplenet and XRP in Africa

What skills & experience is Accenture looking for?
Banking Payments functional Architecture knowledge and business process design. Deep understanding of technical operating rules, requirements & processes of following payment schemes & standards Cross Border Remittances and Digital Currencies / Blockchain.

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  1. In all due respect we are all invested in XRP or we wouldnโ€™t be here. We need to step back and examine whatโ€™s really going on. Those who had a strong financial background and wealth were much more levelheaded with their investment. A key to price is cleaning up Ripple. Brad Garlinghouse needs to go. He is not qualified and never was or we would be in a very different place right now.

    • Garlinghouse is the source of the problem. He overhyped xrp early and created doubt on its intended use and that is why Ripple is in court fighting securities charges.Too many people purchased something that they knew nothing about going on the theory banks were going to use xrp. Now we face a stagnent price as the fud is winning.

  2. Meanwhile, XRP dropped to the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, as the price of the digital coin has been a bit unimpressive lately.

    • Tether is just a printed stable coin. Not comparable at all. I am happy so much Tether was created because that will allow for the market cap to grow, which is what we need desperately. Not just for price action, but to make it more difficult to manipulate the market.

  3. Would be crazy if it was from an old holders estate, if it was acquired before Februaury 2016 it only would’ve cost = or < $250,000

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  5. 06.15 Eri always gives me faith in the investments I have made with her great analysis and narration good enough to melt butter lol.

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