LOOK OUT FOR A BIGGER THAN EXPECTED MOVE with Bitcoin! Will the Ripple XRP Price Chart Decouple?!

The Bitcoin price has been stuck in a consolidation for a couple of weeks now, and many investors are indecisive on which direction the Bitcoin chart is going to go.

There are a few key levels we can look for, and when we look to the past we see the potential that Bitcoin may dip down to $6,000.

What does this mean for the altcoin charts like the Ripple XRP Price chart? Well, nothing changes on my views that the XRP chart is heading to $0.175. Will it go lower if this plays out with Bitcoin going to $6,000? We’ll have to see how it plays.

With the Bitcoin dominance being so high, and doing a full retrace of the fall back in 2017, it seems possible that we may see the decoupling of the Altcoins from Bitcoin at this time.

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  1. Hi BCB,
    It looks idd that the 2013 targets of BTC support and resistances are matching meaning that after reaching 80.000 it will be a VERY long cycle if it follows but if we than copy that same period XRP from 2013 it seems we will go to 1.6 and than more consolidation? for a looong period …

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  4. The way the lines just perfectly fit is just too satisfying and cant be a coincidence so just for that beautifully made chart i hope this plays out

  5. Wrong…use of the fractals is incorrect man. We are not at the point youre talking about, the 80k pump should have happened over a year ago if it was going to follow that…bitcoins patterns are simply changing from past totally

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