1. The bitcoin block reward has dropped; it’s been cut in half for the 3rd time and it’s pretty cool because that’s “quantitative hardening” ..which is something that governments don’t do 😁

    So now …going forward the inflation rate of Bitcoin is now lower than any fiat currency in the world and its even lower than GOLD now, supposedly!


    Now the price has drifted upward and already the block reward; the NEW Bitcoins on the market have been cut in half ….the ONLY thing that that can do is cause an upward pressure on the price.

    Then we got this whole recession, lockdown, quarantine and all ….during the 2018 recession, GOLD & SILVER DROPPED as people were struggling for cash. Then basically after that when the financial institutions started failing like: Bear Sterns, MF Global and Lehman Brothers ….when they started collapsing and costing people real money, then people started getting real interested in hard money. at that time it was: GOLD & SILVER.

    so I’m HIGHLY optimistic about Bitcoin/Crypto over the next (18) months or so -very exciting!

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