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  1. Please take some advice. Please lay off of the Dan Pena stuff. Bearable Bull started it. I hate it on his channel and i hate it here. Dan Pena is not into crypto. There is no need to copy other channels. You have your own style and voice. Stay in your own lane and you will do just fine.

  2. The only concern i have before investing is why does the company not say anything about xrp or what it will be used for they steer away and only talk about ripple the company seems like they are trying to legally distance from xrp

    • They don’t want us peeons getting rich, if you’re holding XRP, you will be rich, just be patient. Hopefully soon, I’m tired of living in my shop, with my broke down truck

  3. When thinking about Utilities and Crypto, I think if XRP, VeChain VET, Tezos and Chainlink. VeChain is very promising.

  4. Mr level up, I understand you want content but I completely debunked him in November and he has an army of people keeping people who go against what he says in his streams banning people. I was polite but simply pointed out he was putting patterns in where they didn’t fit. Do not legitimately give him credit.

  5. Mr C and Rob are useless guys. Never ever their prediction has been right and they always procrastinate lol

  6. One two one two check one two one two if it goes up if it goes down if it goes sideways I’ll still be around check one two one two get rid of that guy videos he’s ridiculous he has been doing the same shit since he came onto the scene and has never been right stay awoke, awake. Other than that you are doing a good job with your video content.

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