1. Oh, you’re really a moon boy, you really think this is a healthy rally and it can go up and up just like this!!
    Are you serious!!
    You really think this is how we bottomed out!! just with a crash and a crazy v shape recovery!!!??
    Come on man, this is not how the market work, we will go to below 3700 again and will make lower low again and after a good consolidation then we can expect a good new bullrun, not just like this with all terrible situation around the world, with all fake pump in all market with fake money and a sucker rally to show people everything is alright to steal your money.
    If you don’t want see the fact then you can make video every day and call go to the moon or 100k or many things you like. but that’s not big players give you at the end.

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    • “Its Easy” is the biggest misconception about trading.. Its bloody hard work and if you aint willing to put in the hard work then find something else to do..

    • Trading successfully is when you got the right strategy. Trading with strategy has brought me great success. I have never seen a strategy as consistent as his

    • Great guy, i learnt how to trade by taking some of his courses as well as subscribing to his daily signals on telegram.

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