XRP: Federal Reserve “Gold Backed Crypto” & Swift Irritates ECB As Ripple Makes a Big Move

The President’s Federal Reserve nominee is advocating for a futuristic vision of gold with a crypto currency component. XRP can provide the utility to make this vision a reality.

Swift has announced a surprise delay of implementing global messaging standard ISO 20022 which has caused the European Central Bank to step in. Only two weeks ago Ripple announced they will be the first DLT company to implement ISO 20022. Swift was has been delaying this move since 2006. Messaging standards are necessary for global transactions.

Jungle Inc: Major Plans!! SBI Kitao: Ripple/XRP MultiNational Corporations and Supply Chain Management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbdWjYJ1lkg&t=230s Jungle Inc The Lost Episode:

Redefining Money/Value Will Be Key During Financial Crash

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  1. This economy can’t wait much longer for this next step. Ripple is ready. XRPL is tested, proven and virtually errorless. (ODL perfect so far!) Test pilots??? SWIFT IS GETTING SWEPT!

    • SWIFT HAS A 6% ERROR RATE. Everyone loves great antiques/relics but our finance system should not be considered one!!!

  2. I told ppl. the U.S. is full of it and is stalling. They want to hold on to power as Tim draper just stated bc they want to hold on to power.

  3. If a some banks start buying XRP won’t that push up the price and make it prohibitively expensive for other banks to buy?

  4. Every body weather they like it or not are coming to ripple and XRP. Kicking and screaming if they have to🤘🤘🤘

  5. Nice job, Brother !!
    As usual, You absolutely nailed it !
    Keep up the great work
    and, as always, Thank You for all that You do. Much appreciated !!

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