$25 Billion Dollars Per Second (DTCC + DLT) – XRP – Ripple – SBI APP – CMU WEF Global Reset





  1. Love how you present everything with a grain of salt. The way it should be. We don’t need more hype in the XRP space or the crypto space as a whole. Keep up the excellent work bud!

  2. @kingsolomon – Its clear that while Ripple/XRP is every expanding and growing partnerships with governments, global corporations, and world banks…its price is being held down intentionally. Supposedly because they are waiting for resigned co-founder Jed McCaleb (founder of the now Stellar Lumens) to unload his 4+ billion XRP….in 2023? Then, XRP will turn bullish. And, I’ve been hearing whispers on the Net that the plan is to tie XRP directly to gold since its going to be a stable standard of valuation for the world….1 XRP = 1 ounce of gold. Have you heard anything similar? Thanks.

  3. I’ve listened to all the XRP guys. I now only listen to 4. King Salomon, Digital asset Investor, Cypto Eri, and working money channel. All others are repetitive and copy cats with nothing original.

  4. Happy birthday to your little one and have you ever seen the xrp logo on the pinkish tiles in that IMF Great reset video??

  5. I saw an article on a different youtube channel that was talking about NASDAQ’s new asset tool for crypto, in the article it said it was being supported by R3, connection ??

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