1. Why waste your time with these videos if you think XRP will go to 4 cents?
    If its going to 4 cents or even “sub 10 cents” then who cares anymore.

    • @XRP Right Now

      Read the comments.
      People are here for NEWS.
      Not price “opinion’ from an arm-chair analyst.

      Successful people know how to take constructive criticism.

    • @XRP Right Now

      And NOBODY can predict price action – especially a move to .25 to .30 then a drop to 4 cents. Think about how abused that price opinion is. JUST THE NEWS PLEASE – people will tune out with ridiculous, uninformed price “opinions”

    • @XRP Right Now What are you even talking about? Moon boy? You didn’t answer my question, how did you get to your assessment that XRP will drop to, “we’ll say .04-.08”? Do you know when the last time XRP was that low? May 2017. So how did you deduce this drop?

  2. This rabbithole just gets deeper, it’s unbelievable the price just sits there or reverses. This is going to be a buying frenzy from many nay sayers

  3. You just admitted XRP is a scam, anything that gets promoted by hype videos for years and continues to drop in price while the company says they “cannot comment” on anything of value because of “NDAs”….you couldn’t have a more perfect scam set up. Youtubers in XRP community have been saying for years that XRP is so cheap, investment of a lifetime and will explode at any moment, now years later price has crashed and still there is talk of further price collapse…great for the noob viewers thinking they are getting a great deal, but hopefully those that bought from $0.25-$3.8 have learned their lesson.

  4. Do you think the price is guaranteed to go up a lot? I just can’t imagine people paying for a coffee with 0.002 XRP, if you get what I mean. What are your predictions on the price?

  5. I agree, your 4 to 10 cent comments just deflates the balloon and enthusiasm to continue (though your info may be good it’s just depressing lol….what do you gain by saying that, even if you are right? Not viewers smh

    • @XRP Right Now

      Its NOT REAL..its your “opinion” that based on nothing.
      Your 4 cent “opinion” is based on nothing but an “opnion”
      Why ruin your videos with idiotic “opinions” with no facts to back it up.

  6. There is nothing by L3cos that states they are working with ripple, or are or will be using xrp. If they are building there own dlt operating system, what need to they have of ripple or xrp. Don’t see how this is good news.

  7. You were actually calling .05 XRP back in march yet it never got even close and on what evidence gives you the idea that will go that low now? Even magic 8 ball TA doesn’t show it going that low. What makes you qualified to make that prediction, what assessment did you use to get, “Once we hit that new low range which could be anywhere from WE’LL SAY(guessing?) from .04 to .08”?

  8. Oh the goal post was move again for XRP. so 2020 is not the year for crypto now it’s 2021. halvings, ETF’s and all sorts of other nonsense has not helped the price of crypto.

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