1. Question: If you wear capri pants do we address you as Capri squared? Deux Capri? Bon Vivant Capri? Please advise. Thank you.

  2. FOMO hasn’t even begun to kick in yet! ADA still a sleeper with many in disbelief phase of the market cycle (the 80% of crypto holders who still hang on to ADA delays that has been embedded in their brain as a cheap way to discredit the project). All ADA holders need to combat the negative spam with facts.

  3. Capri, it is I, your steed. I think about 95% of the cryptocurrency space is overhyped, with only BTC, ADA, ETH, VET, ZIL and a few others showing real promise. Question for you–I listened to the music you created and it sounds like heavy metal plus synth. Do you create any easy listening tunes?

  4. eth is a bit over hyped now, especially with eth2, ppl think it will be out really soon with no compromises what so ever.

  5. The most over hyped and over valued project is Ethereum. Ethereum is rewriting their entire platform from scratch because it is such a disaster – slow, not scalable, and not secure (parity hack, dao hack). What will go wrong after this 2.0 rewrite – another fork?

  6. Sorry to say it but Ethereum is over hyped and so is Bitcoin. I say this because you have to ask yourself why would a new investor put their hard earned money into these coins, when the reality is that they are very close to becoming obsolete. More then one project are better then both across the board from transaction speed, scalability and interoperability. Not to mention, they are much cheaper to buy into as well. This to me is a no brainer. I see Bitcoin as a proof of concept and Ethereum a vast improvement upon that, but Eth didn’t go far enough to where it can accomodate billions of people. No haters please it seems obvious to me.

    • Interesting. I shared a similar assessment and or sentiment then decided to go all in for ADA. Purely based on market cap it’s like buying BTC in 2014 too.

  7. Everyone mad just didn’t have tickets to the moon it’s not to late but we’ll be on Saturn by the time they catch up

  8. X Hey thanks xJustin sun could hype a bag of sand in to a bag of gold while everyone can see it leaking out the bottom 😂 …I’ll join you both on your lunar talks soon, Ada will hit position 5 on coin market cap, it’s at 9 if take usdt coin out the way..
    The donuts that hate on Ada emotional for many reasons..

  9. XRP !!!! Overhyped is an understatement. I think Cardano will do well as will zil and vet. 💋 to the best cartoon robot 🤖

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