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  1. Um so who cares that Schwartz has been selling his BTC for years. Has no bearing on anything. The more important detail is when did he sell? Did he sell at 13k or at 5k?
    His Twitter statement contradicts itself “I’m still bullish on BTC, but it’s the level of risk that has me selling” HUH!? That’s like telling your mom I’m a little bit pregnant. Must be a slow news day.

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  3. About your laptop… I guess you didn’t read my earlier note. Take out your cast-iron skillet and turn it upside down on your table. Put your laptop on top of it to cool it down your machine. It’s a Band-Aid fix, but it works. Get yourself a laptop stand made of aluminum. This will keep your machine cool while you still work on it. Keep your laptop off of a wooden table. That’s a big no-no.

  4. Been holding since 18’made a few hundred bucks in 17’off BTC had no idea I was in a bull run I watched 300 turn into 700$ so I cashed if knew what i know and had my portfolio they way it is now I would be a thousandnaire

    • lol. look at the circulating supply of BAT. do you see how on the list of cryptocurrency BAT is below xrp? its market cap is way below xrp

    • Price per coin/token is irreverent, what matters is market cap, or supply*price. XRP has a large supply of 44 billion currently so to reach $1000 it’d have market cap of $44 trillion. I’d be very happy if it goes to $20.

    • MetalJacket neither really matter . It’s the project. Market cap can be manipulated by adding more coins to the supply case and point TRON.

  5. Could it be possible that Satoshi is “AI”
    Could it be possible due to the nature of computer hardware and limited brain power that crypto could have been created by AI that is pretending to be human?
    Perhaps im crazy to think this. But when ever i think about some of the limiting parts to AI, it would have to be the fact that it will be limited by its slowest part, and if it is in its infant stage of self development perhaps it has a symbiotic relationship with man, as it develops its self with all that computing power.

  6. Pple hate on xrp so much but its kool. We all know that the 2009 btc value was 0.006 at one time and look where it is today.
    So im not worried at all
    XRP will rise to the top.

  7. Clean your computer!!! mine was crashing and until i finally took it apart and cleaned with dust off and haven’t had a problem since. I think it’s likely your problem. either that or someone mining crypto with your computer

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