The Virus SECOND Wave… How Will it Impact Markets and Bitcoin?

The virus second Wave… how will it impact markets and bitcoin? If a second wave of the coronavirus occurs (as some experts are fearing), how could this event likely impact the stock markets and bitcoin? Could it be that the rally in stock markets has been based on the assumption of a V-shaped economic recovery – and if so, what if that assumption turns out to be false? We look at the charts. #StockMarkets #Bitcoin #AlessioRastani

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    • @Alessio Rastani thanks for your advice. Best you know..
      Dr FAUCI report on the New England medical Journal March 26th saying” mortality rate of the virus is 0.1 %.” Which is the same as seasonal flu.
      The death rates are manipulated. People dying of coronavirus snd dying with coronaviruse are Not the same thing.
      March UK government reduced the classification of Covid19 virus to low risk. I have the PDF. The Guardian- millions of test kits were stopped in Luxembourg as they were contaminated with Covid19 virus (so anyone who had used the kits could have been infected and 100% positive result on all those tested. ) .
      80% of Italians died “of cronovirus19” actually were over 75 and all had other serious conditions.
      WHO instructions to all countries to register deaths with coronaviruses as caused BY coronavirus. Not the same thing.
      What you hear and what they have in their own documents are not the same .
      Wearing a mask will stress your immune system .. Research into it.
      Look into the world economic forum website..planned years ago…. All is there with Covid19 at its core.
      Microsoft March Patent for human activity crypto currency farming. (I could send you the patent numbers. .but it gets this deleted).
      I will not put links to official website/documents as YT deletes/shadow banns my comments which includes them or specific information.
      8 of the WHO ADVISORY panel are on pay roll of vaccine companies.
      Report out last week. 15 billionaires have got “richer by $450billion. ”
      Lastly expect food shortages as all food supply chains being stressed and intentionally so. Hence why Bezos and circles investing in indoor veg growing and synthetic meats.

  1. Remember Trump said 4th quarter something big happening and I believe him, he always gives you a clue, so I’m preparing…

  2. Panic and fear porn at it’s best….whatever, most of these control freak psychopaths will burn in Hell thy pump the #’s need to wreck the economy to cheat in the election with mail in ballots!! Hang tight with your dirty fiat be ready to pounce for cheap cheap BTC then we ride it to new ATH!!

  3. We need to understand COVID is not going anywhere. Everyone is being REACTIVE and not PROACTIVE. We need to learn to live with this and assume this is the norm going forward. Hiding from this will not solve anything in the long run.

  4. The markets are artificially propped up, the virus panic is overblown and we should have never shutdown our economies.

  5. Does someone have access to mortality rate of respiratory diseases this year conspired to last? I heard no difference. This virus issue is blown out of proportion for a reason. Someone is making huge money on bullshit tests that don’t work and respirators that are probably not needed.

  6. i didnt see the media blaming the protestors at all, makes you think theres is a hidden agenda. Also you dont quarantine healthy people! Anyways Long everything with Fed printer going ballistic

  7. I have friends that are nurses in NYC, Texas, and California. The symptoms and condition of the people entering the ICU in NYC and Texas have been startling. California has been much better considering the population density. Indeed, a lot of the patients had co-morbidities but young healthy people were also needing kidney transplants, intubated, etc. The damage it does on the body is grave.

    In 2010, I almost died from the swine flu and when I was told I had it I didn’t even know what it was or that it was going around. Right now, there’s so much distrust with our government, president, and the media people have no one to turn to get real information. Don’t rely on Instragram/Twitter facts. Ask your friends in the medical field. Take care of yourself and your neighbors folks.

  8. Please dont call them “experts”. They know just as much as you and I do. They come out with all the laws restricting our freedom with no scientific facts. Case in point: ANTIFA/BLM riots on the streets is OK, but going to the beach or funeral is a NO. list goes on.

  9. Watch this virus scare and the racial outrage suddenly disappear the second this election is over. Like magic.

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