Best Cardano Wallet? ADA Price Gains Are Just Getting Started! Daedalus Wallet Overview

In this video, we discuss the current price action from Cardano. We also talk about the different wallets that can be used to store your ADA. #Cardano #Daedalus #crypto

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  1. You are the man and awesome as always! Thanks for such a well explained video about practical things we need to know. We all want to make money but ultimately it’s about the product, community, and in goals. Big fan!! Keep up the great work! Chad

  2. Thank you Kaizen.. as always your content is very helpful. I will be staking my ADA to your pool once the mainnet is live.

  3. Great one man…still waiting on your software side of setting up the pool, specially now we are in the 1.15.0 tag…Would be awesome to have a detailed and updated video like the series Big Pey have, please let us know when you will have that..thanks

  4. So is Yoroi the only mobile wallet?… The Daedalus wallet is only for computers correct?

  5. I’m thinking somewhere between 20-25 cents by the launch of Shelley. Keep up your great work. What you did during the Virtual Summit was awesome.

  6. What do you think about Atomic Wallet. They have a great wallet for lots of coins including ADA.

  7. This means that i can delegate coins from that wallet while potentially storing my coins in a hardware wallet?

  8. Hey Kaizen, thanks for all your videos! I’m considering building a computer and creating stake pool once Shelley is released. I’m I a civil engineer and have a little experience in programming. Do you think it’d possible to succeed and create one while having a full time job? I’d imagine the pool would have to be maintained 24/7.

  9. lol at around 10:34 he’s shilling for the 2 wallets and doesnt want you to figure out the compound interest in Crypto dot com’s staking option. Oh well. Thats his salty problem. We make money and profiting since we are in the know, not him.

  10. Hi, what about Ledger S or X wallet for staking Ada? I want to keep my Ada in an offline cold wallet. Thanks.

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