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    • I’m hopping so too! So sick of only being a millionaire, doesn’t buy much these day, need that XRP bag to bump me up to that big Billionaire level-up! Ahh well, I’ve got time I suppose but the sooner the better, let’s moon this year! 😃

  1. No. Hasn’t started yet. I think we aren’t going to see a bull run until many months after the Nov 2020U.S. presidential election.

  2. Here is my little hope and dream. In 2017 before the run there was a pump in March similar to what we are seeing. In that ethurium went from 12$ to 50$. Then a few months later it hit 300$ and on to 1200 at ATH . I see vechain doing something similar yesterday going from .004 to .02 in the last week or so. Is that the mini pump before the real bull run. And we see vechain hit 2$-3$ ?? Especially with a potential coinbase listing set in motion?? If so it may be the greatest buy ive ever made lol.

    • XRP is my “buy yacht or bust” bag. Got into it in 2017 at .04 and sold off half during the boom so I can’t be mad at it. Not touching that bag unless it passes $500…………….maybe $50. Got a ton of VET too. $3 would set me for life. Hopefully ADA, ZIL and XLM will all make a jump too.

  3. Hi guys. Does anyone know in case that xrp rise up and sell it that means that they will replace the dollar. How we gonna be paid?

    • Yessss!! ‘AIR’ not ‘ARE’…..It’s sad, because you can get the correct pronunciation of words on the INTERNET. It’s the worst when you enunciate well the wrong pronouncements. I guess ignorance truly is bliss; when you know better that sh*t’s annoying. Maybe English is his second language 🤔.

  4. I’m thinking of selling my XRP. I discovered that banks that use Xrapid and Xcurrent do not need to hold XRP to use the software. Can anyone explain this?

    • but xrp is a prefered use, as it is cheaper and faster for the banks, they would be stupid not to use it, its like choosing low octane gas instead of premium, when they were the same price, especially when your vehicle calls for premium.

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  6. Guys make sure you report these guys below who advertise with a Telegram address, these are the scam artists that steal your crypto. Even their comments are fake bot accounts.

  7. I would be surprised if it started the bull run now. Timing doesn’t seem right. Would prolly need another crash to be a solution to a global financial crisis. Right now we are merely in a global financial inconvenience.

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