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  2. What is your plan about vechine? Are you think to invest now or sell out. pls advice Thank you.

  3. Am hodl large bags of XRP, VET, XLM , ADA , and ZIL for the long and buying these 5 with every extra dollar l have Terrbear 14

  4. Once Btc hits 10k then it’ll rocket through and keep away from how the stock market performs.

  5. Your daily (data collection questions) at the start of your show – CREEPY – “what’s your email? What’s your city? What’s your cold wallet Brand? Have you been SPAMED….?”

  6. Hey dusty!..
    From 1 to 100% how much are you sure Vechain will go back to a cent more or less..? Thanks 🙂

  7. ADA, VET, CRO and BAT going long on VET and ADA at least 5 years taking some profits on the way up.

  8. I’m holding on XRP, ADA, DigiBite, light coin , VET, CELR, HARMONY, Stela Lumen, Few other for last 2 years, and guess what patient paid off

    • Any freaking app I can buy digibite from? Shoot I’ll buy one digibite from u at a time (like that no fraud stuff goes on) lmao one at a time 😂

  9. Why would someone be “all out” already? Too many people think they’re chart whisperers. They prolly just really love doing complicated taxes… yeah, that’s it!

  10. @DustyBC Crypto News how about this Dogecoin i put in $75 into it on June 20th and as today i am up 54% do you think this Dogecoin will get anywhere in the cent mark any time soon

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