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  1. ‘Do you believe in crypto ?’ It exists, so I gotta believe it’. ‘Do I have any confidence in crypto establishing itself across the planet?’ Now that’s a different question. I have 100% confidence and 110% confidence in XRP. What does BTC do? BTC is virtually a museum piece .

  2. The only way we’re going to stop anything is if we all unite but I don’t think people are going to they’re too caught up in theirselves to help one another! Sad but True

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  4. Love the channel, check out CEEK VR and maybe give us a video on it. Keep up the great info!

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  6. I like the idea of security but they had cameras at the intersections for a long time here in SF. Costs too much to man them. Home security also has an issue that cops will not really come to your residence always. He’s an idealist, but not realistic.

  7. For some reason I still think the price is being manipulated so the super rich can accumulate..maybe it’s just the inner conspiracy theorist in me lol

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