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  1. I first bought Bitcoin but it was just so I could buy XRP and my second coin was VET… XRP and VET are gonna be huge just based onquality and efficiency…

  2. Be like β€œ die holding xrp at 0.20$/0.30$ β€œ i don’t understand where your hope for xrp come from …
    Partnership with money gram etc… nothing changed in the price…
    I really don’t understand what all of you waiting for, to see the true…

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  4. my first was chain link early april, when it was 3.19. wish i held it. oh well, i have my XRP!

  5. Doge on Robinhood, but learned it was just a stock. Kept it anyway but went on to buy xrp second on Coinbase and then more like vechain on Coinbase and KuCoin.

  6. ETH which I changed to BTC which is going to be changed to XRP. Just waiting for the price to move so the fee is covered. I also have XRP and XLM on Celsius Network

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