VeChain VET Will Be Number 1? Billions To Come For Ripple XRP & What’s Going On LINK & ADA Price?


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  1. I think BTC may be a trap set for the masses by the elites. I’ve never had a good feeling about it, though I am heavily invested (millions) in XRP, XML, VET, ADA, and CRO.

    • it seems like they are setting a Queen sacrifice, ultimate chess move. all the masses will fall for it, put too much money in btc…..than the bishop attacks!

    • Moke Man Been a long, hard, stressful decade of entrepreneurship to get to where I’m at and more than ever through the corona crisis, but I’ve been blessed with being able to turn the crisis in our favor and profits are at record highs. I’ve been piling all the extra profits into crypto. I live VERY frugally despite earning 7-fig annually. No ridiculously wasteful, ego-stroking Lambos over here, I drive a 6 year old F-150, live on a mountaintop in Puerto Rico (no taxes), and all of my clothes fit in my backpack. I only spend money on things that will make me more effective in life, not on entertainment or things that impress others. I enjoy the minimalism as it allows me to invest more. Also, if I lose everything (business, cryptos, etc.) I wouldn’t have to make major cuts to my lifestyle, I don’t have debt payments to maintain, and I’d still be very comfortable as my investments include self-sufficient farms in Puerto Rico and Germany. I have supportive, hard working, loving women and several beautiful, healthy children. I am very blessed. My #1 investment is my mind and the competence and wisdom I’m continually developing. Take away everything else and I’ll just build it back up.

    • pervysage requires KYC though, so do you provide proof of address outside NY?

    • Binance! Only smart thing to do. Get a pure VPN & then register on Binance. After; you’ll have access to so many micro cap coins that PUMP! Alt, BTC, & BNB PAIRS. Do not KYC VERIFY!! (Your in the us) it’s not illegal! pick the UK for your country. VPN is a must $80.00 a year. Go get these cryptos$$$$$

    • Not Binance but which is the version for the USA. Not every state allows it though.

  2. Coins with a purpose , supply and demand is the only logical way to see this long term

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