Ripple XRP News: Watch Out For This, They Are Trying To Trap You! & Is Vechain The Best?


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  1. Ur investment may decline in value , but you can’t lose money if you don’t sell below what you bought at . Within reason of course .

  2. Hella scammers have to check multiple sources before you use a website or app, I was sketched about at first

  3. Yep, bought cocaine that turned out to be flour. I added the flour to bake a cake, most expensive cake I’ve eaten.

  4. Twice Scamed I guess I didnt learn the first time I invested over $ 1 thousand dollar’s they ran off with the money. l have a ledger wallet it worth every penny!

    • Do you know of any sites that’ll exclaim how to use my ledger nano S on my chrome book. Want to purchase more, but I need to figure out how to use my ledger nano S on my chrome book computer

  5. There’s a comment scammer on basically every crypto video ever. It has 30+ likes and, “eVeR sInCe i StArTeD tRaDiNg LiKe tOm oN WaTzaPP iM uP 1000% oN biTcOiN”

  6. I got scammed for $6000 where I was told that someone was going to buy my truck and I had to send it to them by train. they gave me a $6000 check to send the truck. I money grammed them some $1000 but the check they sent was fake. I invested in Davior coin, bitconnect, and I got caught up in the latest send XRP to receive XRP. I only sent 1001 but oh well

  7. yup on libra – worst grammar, bad spelling, bad site updates… i got scammed good for $250

  8. Hey dusty, first of like to say thank you very much for your show. I listen everyday! I do have a question for you. I’ve purchased xrp and I also bought a ledger nano a to transfer my xrp to the digital wallet. However, I haven’t been able to transfer it. My computer is a chrome book, so I don’t know if maybe I need to try a different type of computer or what to do. I need to figure it out asap, because I would like to buy more xrp among other crypto asap before they began to go up. If you can be of any help I’d appreciate it.

  9. yer funny…Let US know how difficult English has been for you to learn! im serious! I’ve heard its a pain in the ass, and English for sure is STILL confusing and I’m a CA Native!::😉 a friend and I debated years ago and I STILL think any ASIAN dialects would result in brain matter on my ceilings because there are SOOO MANY. Cockney British is crazy too…just curious and good to see the WORLD REPRESENTING OUR SPACE 👊👊👊

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